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Who is like Your people

A few weeks ago a Jewish woman in the community passed away.

Sadly her children had no money for a burial and were considering cremation.

After speaking to them, I was able to convince them to give her a Jewish Burial.

The cost to have her buried in a local Jewish cemetery was $15,000

Where would we get the money? I wrote a quick appeal, sent it to some group chats and asked for contributions to this worthy cause.

A few minutes later I got a text.

"You should be getting a call from Joe."

A few minutes later Joe calls.

"Rabbi, I'll take care of it."

Within three hours Joe raised almost the entire amount from friends and family.

I was blown away.

Our Sages tell us that bringing the dead to their final resting place is called Chesed Shel Emes an act of true kindness. It is the ultimate generosity because the beneficiary can never thank you.

Joe lives in South Florida and never met me or anyone from Duluth and he certainly didn't know the deceased or their family. Nonetheless, he, his friends, and family made sure a Jewish woman would have a Jewish funeral and burial.

"And who is like Your people, like Israel, one nation in the world" - Samuel II 7:23

To learn more about the importance of a Jewish burial click here.

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