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Endowed by their Creator

It's Shabbat morning and there's a traffic jam in Duluth. Dozens of cars schlepping everything from bicycles and boats to RVs and Jeeps are heading up the shore for July fourth weekend. It got me thinking, is this what Independence Day is about? Leisure, BBQ, and fireworks?

The declaration of Independence and the founding of this nation sparked a revolution of freedom. A freedom, that eventually allowed this country to become a haven for Jews fleeing a burning Europe. And has allowed us to be proud Jews and free to practice Judaism and thrive in our spiritual material goals.

So between the outings, the family time, the hot dogs, and the fireworks, let's take a step back and recognize that this day and this country have allowed us to be closer to G-d.

As our sages tell us, true freedom is one who toils in Torah. True freedom is not just the pursuit of happiness but the pursuit of responsibilities that were endowed to us by our creator. Let's use this 4th of July to not just be proud Americans,but to be proud Jews as well, to add in our observance of Torah and mitzvos.

G-d bless america!

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