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Jewish Student Life

Your home away from home

Welcome to your Jewish home away from home! We offer a variety of Student specific programming where you can connect to your heritage and have a blast at the same time. Contact us to find out about our upcoming and ongoing events.

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Alaina, Class of 2019

Going to school in northern Minnesota where the Jewish Community is very small led to feelings of isolation my freshman year at UMD. The feelings of isolation dissipated when Chabad came to Duluth, and I was finally given a community to surround myself with and people to talk to who share a similar background as myself. Although my time spent at Chabad in Duluth was short, I know that the Jewish Community of Duluth and UMD (go bulldogs) will be greatly supported for future years to come! I am so thankful for the programming, energy, food, and support given to me in just 8 months involved with Chabad!


Brianna, UMD Grad Student

When I moved to Duluth in the fall of 2020 to attend UMD, I didn’t know anyone. Chabad of Duluth provided a sense of community and connection to Jewish life, despite the feelings of isolation that came with moving to a new city during the pandemic. Chabad of Duluth made me feel welcomed immediately! I am very grateful for the wonderful company, fun activities and events, and the delicious food (of course!) that Chabad provided during my 2 years in Duluth. Chabad of Duluth truly feels like a family.


Sully, Class of 2019

Chabad of Duluth is a community dedicated to outreach and cultural unity in both the city of Duluth and the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Chabad of Duluth student programming continues to bring our community together and give students the opportunity to learn and connect outside of the classroom. From Menorah lighting on campus to Shabbat dinners, Chabad of Duluth has helped improve Jewish student life on and off campus.


Thank you for all you do!

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