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Your generosity makes it possible.

All funding for Chabad of Duluth is provided by friends and supporters like you. We get no financial support from central Chabad Lubavitch headquarters. All funds raised stay here in our community.


Your dollars will have a great impact on the future for Jewish life. All donations, regardless of amount, are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible.

For dedication opportunities and to discuss other funding options please contact us here.

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We believe in an open-door policy, where everyone is welcome. Yet we still have bills to pay. A crucial element of support for Chabad's work comes from hard-working individuals who commit to a monthly contribution. These monthly donations add up and make a great difference in covering Chabad's operational budget. We invite you to join this special project of enriching, enhancing and enlivening – we couldn’t do it without you!


To join the Chai Club simply select Monthly after entering your amount and proceed to process your donation. It can be cancelled or changed at any time. Please contact us for more details.


This is your moment to hold hands across the generations. This is your moment to ensure a Jewish future that is spiritual and meaningful. This is your moment to leave a Jewish legacy.


Planned Giving builds Judaism where it is needed most, in your local community. From preschool to day school, visiting the sick or comforting the poor, this is your moment to make a difference. Join with us through the loving act of planned giving by leading your community to a strong and vibrant future.  To learn more about legacy giving click here.

Chabad of Duluth MN is a registered 501(c)3 Non Profit organization

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