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Road work

It was November 2019, and as a newly minted Minnesotan I expected that snow removal would be an organized effort that was done regularly and would be quite smooth. Well, that's far from the truth. We struggle with it like most other areas of the country. That November during a record setting storm many people were trapped in their homes or their work for days.

I was reminiscing about this with our photographer Keith from Photo Duluth at our Sukkot party. Many people were delayed getting to the Sukkah due to traffic and road repairs and it reminded me of that storm where we couldn't get anywhere. Then suddenly it hit me, "Keith, that's how we found you!"

Around that time we were looking for a photographer for the annual Chanukah in the Mall event. Everyone who we contacted wanted exorbitant fees and many conditions on the ownership of the photos. So when a young photographer trapped in his home during the storm posted pictures of the city landscape covered in snow on his Facebook page, I reached out. Keith has been taking photos for Chabad ever since.

So here I was a couple of years later while complaining about the road repairs and snow removal and the inconveniences it presented, I was reminded how it worked out for us quite well and that everything is divine providence. We shouldn't complain about whatever obstacles we experience, rather be grateful for the connections and moments that will bring us more together. Remember that G-d has a plan for us all.

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