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From darkness to light

The final night of Chanukah we light all eight candles of the Menorah the culmination of increasing every night. But what about the ninth night? Are we reverting back to darkness?

The Torah reading for the eight day of Chanukah is 'Zos Chanukah' 'This is Chanukah' referring to the dedication of the the Tabernacle of the Jewish people in the desert. So this day is called Zos Chanukah. But it's not just a nickname. All eight candles lit is what Chanukah is all about. We have completely vanquished all the darkness throughout the eight days. There is no darkness left. So throughout the rest of the year when we encounter darkness we must recall this night of Chanukah, and realize that the light is now within us.

Locally in Duluth an old jailhouse is being turned into apartments. Prison is one of the darkest places one can be. It's antithetical to the human condition to be trapped. We are meant to grow and be creative. A prison turned into homes is a great example of darkness being turned to light. Whenever we encounter darkness we can run and hide, or we can recall 'Zos Chanukah' and shine our light to another.

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