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Passover is just a couple of weeks away and preparations are in full swing. We're buying wine, grape juice, horseradish and of course Matzah. But what kind of Matzah? There are many options to choose from. For the Seder itself Handmade Shmurah Matzah is the Matzah of choice.

Shmurah means guarded, the wheat is watched from the time it is cut to make sure it doesn't come in contact with water and start the leavening process. Our sages tell us we must watch the Matzos and also Mitzvos from becoming "leavened" by not performing a mitzvah as soon as we can.

Handmade is also important. Matzah made for the seder must be baked with the intention that these Matzos will be used for the Mitzvah of eating Matzah on the night of Pesach. In the bakery periodically the workers exclaim together "Lesheim Matzos Mitzvah!" for the sake of Matzos being used for a mitzvah.

When we eat the Matzah at the Seder we reinforce our faith in G-d. Just like when we need to replenish our energy we need to eat specific foods, to replenish our spiritual energy we eat Matzah.

This Passover choose hand crafted Matzah. Quality, luxury, and delicious. Just like our ancestors ate when they left Egypt. Contact Chabad of Duluth for your complimentary Handmade Shmurah today!

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