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In the Dayenu song that is recited in the Hagaddah we thank G-d for each individual miracle that he did for the Jewish nation as they left Egypt. To the point that we say Dayenu! That miracle would have been enough!

But would it have been enough if G-d split the sea but didn't bring us through it? Or if he brought us to Mt Sinai but didn't give us the Torah?

The truth is that G-d is limitless and beyond our understanding. Perhaps in our minds every single miracle and goodness that G-d did for the Jewish people was necessary. But G-d could have taken us out of Egypt with one miracle, or even no miracles! Therefore every miracle that G-d performed is out of pure love for his people, to show us how much he cares for us by breaking his own rules of nature to save us. And for that we must be grateful.

On that note I would like to thank everyone who helped make this Passover happen. Thank G-d we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl during the pre Passover crunch, and many people really stepped up to help out.

I won't mention anyone by name for fear of leaving someone out but you know who you are. From the family that flew in to help, to those who gave us gifts, the community in Minneapolis and S. Paul who cooked us dinner for a week, those who drove up Passover food for the community, the staff at Kosher spot who did a great job, the faculty at the Lubavitch Cheder day school who got the Matzah and wine, the volunteers who delivered Matzah, the people who made calls to make sure we had a safe place to pray on the holiday, and last but certainly not least the supporters of Chabad who without them none of this could have happened, Dayenu! Thank you!

May G-d almighty bless us all with a Kosher and Happy Pesach and may we see the ultimate redemption speedily in our days.

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