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Extreme Swings


Last week we were talking about a polar vortex, and today it's 40° Fahrenheit, almost an 80° swing! It's quite apropos during the week of Purim which also celebrates an extreme swing. Mordechai the leader of the Jewish people was slated for death but within three days he was the viceroy of the Persian empire in the Evil Haman's stead. On a communal level as well, the Jewish people went from the brink of total annihilation to protected citizens of Persia.

What's unique about the Purim story is that there are no open miracles mentioned in the Megillah, in fact G-ds name isn't mentioned even once! Yet we see how even in times of concealment when the Jewish people are in exile G-d does not abandon us. We may not see open miracles like the Ten plagues or the splitting of the sea, but we can see within the guise of nature how G-d takes care of us. Never despair, everything can change for the better in the blink of an eye.

Happy Purim!

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